Smart and surprising ways to save on Georgia homeowners insurance

Georgia homeowners have lots of ways to save on insurance.

Homeowner’s Insurance is one of those purchases that you hope you never actually use. After all, just like with your car, if you’re looking for money from your insurance policy, you’re almost certainly dealing with an unexpected problem.

Here in Georgia, you have one big advantage when it comes to pricing and buying homeowners insurance: you are eligible for Get in the Ring, an insurance company that finds you the best policies from the best insurance carriers at the very best price. All at the click of a button in your browser.

But while you can be pretty sure you’ll get a great deal when we make carriers fight it out for your homeowners insurance business in Georgia, there are some steps you can take to lower your overall insurance costs further, even if you don’t decide to see what Get in the Ring can do for you.

Let’s take a look at the most common ways to save on homeowners insurance and, then, some of the more creative and less-known paths to a better price for your homeowners insurance.

The most popular ways Georgia homeowners try to save on insurance

According to Nerdwallet, these are some of the most popular ways to save on your monthly insurance bill. But be careful. While these are fairly tried-and-true, if you don’t consider multiple factors, you make not get as big a savings as you’d hoped.

Bundle your homeowners and auto insurance.

It makes sense that an insurance company that gets more of your insurance budget would be willing to cut you a break on the cost. And that’s usually true. But one thing to keep in mind is that the old wisdom that insurance companies will reward loyalty is no longer true in all cases. On average, you’ll save some money, but aggressive cost-comparison might even net you a better deal, even when you don’t bundle. Is your head swimming yet? Are you wondering how to keep track of all of this? Just remember that’s what we do for a living at Get in the Ring. We can make sure you get a deal that’s not just a little better, but a lot better.

Reduce your deductible.

Your deductible is the amount that you’ll pay out of pocket before your insurance kicks in. The higher you allow, the more your monthly cost can go down. Finding the sweet spot between savings and a big burden if you have an insurable event can seem overwhelming. Again, you might want to have some insurance-comparison pros like Get in the Ring in your corner while you’re choosing a homeowners insurance plan in Georgia.

Eat the cost of small claims.

Speaking of deductibles, when a sudden storm blows a tree branch through your living room window, this may be a great time to lower your future costs, even if it costs you a bit more today.For example, if your deductible is $500 and the replacement cost, together with some minor water damage to the paint below the window is around $750, it may make more sense to not report the claim and pay the full amount, rather than make the claim for the sake of a $250 reimbursement. It may not seem fair to you, but your claims history can affect the price you’re charged for insurance in the future, whether with the same insurance carrier or an entirely different one. Remember: You’re carrying insurance for the big costs, not for little repairs here and there. A little sacrifice now can really pay off down the road.

Less common ways to save on your Georgia home insurance

As we mentioned earlier, Get in the Ring exists to help you find the best deal. So when you’re going through our automated system or on our follow-up conversation to find you the lowest possible rate on the best coverage for you, don’t forget to mention these less-common but still very effective ways to reduce your homeowners insurance cost in Atlanta and in towns throughout Georgia.  We found a great list from the North Carolina Consumers Council of surprising ways to save on home insurance.

Ditch your butts to save on insurance in Georgia.

If you’re a smoker, stop. If you’re a non-smoker, wave your smoke-free flag. Either way, many insurance companies will reward you by giving homes without smokers their best rates. Why? Because smoking is a top cause of fire-related home deaths. Technically, your savings here isn’t a discount rate; instead, if there are no smokers in your house, you won’t get hit with the typical uncharge for smokers. Also, you’ll probably live longer if you quit the tobacco.

Does your community have a gate? You might be eligible for a discount.

Gated communities can have lower incidences of property crimes. And fewer crimes overall could mean lower insurance costs. Whether you live in Smyrna, Buford or anywhere else in Georgia with a gate, be sure to mention that to potentially lower your costs.

Do you remember disco? If so, you might be old enough to qualify for a discount on your homeowners insurance.

Why? Because older people (that’s you, over there, singing along with Gloria Gaynor) tend to live quieter, more sedate, and safer lives. It’s not that you’re boring; it’s just that you’re much less likely to invite 100 of your closest friends to your house for a midnight rager. And that means Mayhem and his buds likely won’t darken your door. So don’t forget that the fact that you made it this far, safe and sound, reflects well on your wisdom and your good sense. That’s worth a discount, too.

We all have smoke detectors. But do you have a water leak detector?

That alarm is sounding for savings on your Georgia home insurance! New sensors, such as water leak and gas leak sensors, are getting attention. Some sensors just signal a leak, but others will signal the leak and take steps to shut off the supply, which can prevent a lot of damage. Result: potentially lower insurance cost.

Your HOA is not necessarily your friend, but it can hook you up with some insurance savings.

If your home is part of an HOA, you might save money on your home insurance. HOAs are considered less risky because neighborhood involvement helps to keep the neighborhood crime-free.

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Georgia homeowners have lots of ways to save on insurance.